Our Story

A little bit about us...

Infinata was founded and incorporated in 1999 with the vision of using data to solve business needs. The founders had a background in consulting and saw first-hand how properly managed data propelled businesses forward. With a passion for data and an entrepreneurial spirit, Infinata took off.

While the first few years were focused on working with client’s data, the team saw additional opportunities to connect publically available data to enable more informed business decisions. They saw all the disparate sources with bits and pieces of the complete story and knew bringing all of that information together for proper analysis would be a game changer.

The first subscription based offering was BioPharm Insight, and while the first iteration was much different than the product today, the roots remain the same, providing information and analysis for organizations to make strategic decisions. Shortly after the launch of BioPharm Insight, we pulled from our deep consulting experience with the financial services industry. The industry was evolving and advisors needed to go beyond using their personal networks to grow their book of business, we created what is now referred to as High Net Worth Insight to enable them to find qualified leads.

Since those first initial offerings we’ve held on to our entrepreneurial roots and continue to dive deeper into the life sciences and financial services industries, developing new products in both industries.

In 2007, we joined the Mergermarket Group and haven’t looked back. Being part of the Mergermarket Group allows us to bring proprietary intelligence to our subscribers. Offering data and analytics alongside the investigative work of journalists from around the world, is the perfect marriage of content giving our subscribers the edge they need to be competitive today.

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