Reliable Patient Pool Demographic Data

BioPharm Clinical is the only all-inclusive solution for global study feasibility, investigator selection and milestone timeline forecasting. By adding +Precision patient pool demographic data, clinical operations teams can focus on specific geographic areas with high prevalence and find individual investigators with available patients to meet enrollment targets. 

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What Data Are Included?


Made available to BioPharm Clinical clients through the largest and most reliable national insurance claims database available, +Precision data include:

  • Segmented patient counts for 500+ diseases
  • Age group, specific geography and gender breakdowns
  • Disease prevalence by state, metro area and county
  • Rx prescription and drug administration quantity and duration

How It Works 

+Precision provides essential value via a simple four-step process: 

  • Assess study feasibility and improve budgeting by determining if sufficient patients are available based on inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Identify ideal site locations by analyzing disease prevalence down to local geographic levels
  • Explore the patient pool demographic details by segmenting age and gender at each geography
  • Choose investigators who will meet your enrolment goals based on patient count, indication expertise, prescription history, prior trial performance record and current availability

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