SiteSurvey Streamlines Site Selection For Clinical Operations

Eliminating Data Silos, Pre-Populating Questionnaires and Integrating Dynamic Response Analysis

BOSTON, Mass. – November 20, 2015 –SiteSurvey is an all-in-one solution for feasibility and clinical operations teams to develop questionnaires, identify potential sites and analyze survey responses in one secure web-based platform. With SiteSurvey, sponsors are able to streamline their site selection process enabling faster survey responses, more informed site selections and improved relationships with sites.

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SiteSurvey is built on top of BioPharm Clinical, the most comprehensive global investigator database in the industry, enabling sponsors to more effectively target qualified investigators to conduct their study. Within SiteSurvey the BioPharm Clinical data lives in harmony with the user’s CTMS data and historical survey responses, creating one searchable system.

This cohesive solution enables sponsors to not only gather all of this data, but to analyze it alongside current survey responses to determine the most qualified sites for each study. This robust all-in-one solution streamlines the process for sponsors eliminating data silos and integrating dynamic response analysis.

SiteSurvey also streamlines the process for sites completing the feasibility questionnaire. Investigators do not need to complete a full survey from scratch every time, SiteSurvey pre-populates answers with all known information, allowing investigators to spend their time answering protocol specific questions.

Key Features of a streamlined site selection process:

No Data Silos
SiteSurvey creates a central repository of data by integrating BioPharm Clinical data, CTMS data and historical survey responses into one system.

Smart Feasibility Questionnaires
SiteSurvey pre-populates questionnaires with all known information saving investigators time and providing sponsors with responses faster.

Integrated Response Analysis
The dynamic analysis in SiteSurvey identifies which sites are best suited for each study based on the user’s ideal responses.

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About SiteSurvey
SiteSurvey is a complete solution that enables feasibility teams to develop questionnaires, identify potential sites, analyze survey responses and select sites in one, secure online platform. SiteSurvey eliminates data silos by integrating user’s CTMS data, BioPharm Clinical data, and historical survey responses into one central repository. All surveys are pre-populated, effectively generating more responses, faster responses, and more accurate responses. The dynamic analytics in SiteSurvey identifies which sites are best suited for each study by ranking survey responses based on what you said was most important. Learn More: