Infinata Announces the Latest Release of BioPharm Clinical

Optimize Study Success with the Most Comprehensive Clinical Trial Database

BOSTON, Mass. – September 29, 2015 – Infinata today announced the latest release of BioPharm Clinical, the leading tool to expedite study feasibility and clinical operations. This release features a completely redesigned workflow, streamlining all of the information needed to run a study including analysis on competitive landscape, geographic feasibility, top investigators and more.

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“When designing the latest release of BioPharm Clinical, we worked with countless clients to ensure the updated workflow mirrored their real life operations saving them time and money,” said Amanda Murphy, BioPharm Clinical product manager. “Now, users are able to quickly select key features of their protocol and instantly all relevant information is presented to them in a 10 page report.”

Included in the 10 page report is a proprietary benchmark report which determines the probability of success, most likely obstacles, projected timelines and recruitment goals. This report is generated by analyzing historical studies in BioPharm Clinical’s database with similar protocols.

BioPharm Clinical’s database is the largest and most comprehensive in the industry with data compiled from 17 international trial registries, publications, sponsor and site websites, 60+ newswires and more.

BioPharm Clinical is currently tracking over:
• 287,000 clinical studies
• 140,000 clinical sites
• 400,000 global investigators
• 880,000 referring physicians
• Prevalence data for over 400 indications across 3,000 U.S. counties

See the latest release of BioPharm Clinical on October 14th at 2PM EDT.

About BioPharm Clinical

BioPharm Clinical has the most comprehensive database in the industry, tracking over 287,000 studies, 400,000 global investigators, 140,000 sites and 880,000 referring physicians. In addition to hosting the most real-time information on clinical trials, BioPharm Clinical turns information into insight by targeting geographic areas worldwide to run your study, forecasting study timelines including number of sites and patient recruitment rates, and recommending sites and investigators for your upcoming study.

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